GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

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Colombia, Chile
Chile gathers the experience of Colombia in the operation of the energy marketer
Green Economy, Renewable energies
Wind generation grew 29% and photovoltaic 38% in Chile
Green Economy, Renewable energies
According to data from the National Electrical Coordinator, the year-on-year comparison with respect to 2020 shows an exponential increase in the consumption of these variable renewable sources. In...
One less barrier for electric mobility: rejected a reduction in fuels in Chile
Clean transportation, Green Economy
The Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies rejected the idea of legislating on the initiative that proposed lowering the specific tax on fuels in Chile by 50%.
JTPP Helpdesk webinar: Public Procurement & Digital Ecomomy
What are the procurement activities of Japanese government entities in support of the development of the digital economy and does this offer opportunities for EU SMEs? The Japan Tax & Public P...
Registration site open to receive tender alerts related to Bogota’s new Metro Line 1
Smart cities, Smart infrastructure
Thanks to new technological implementations within Metro Line 1, we have been able to create a unifying portal so that companies, like yours, can be in a common database that will provide us with c...
Colombia launches measures to promote electric mobility for public consultation
Clean transportation, Green Economy, Smart cities, Smart mobility
The Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG) published a draft that regulates aspects of the Energy Transition Law, which favor the incorporation of electric vehicles, removing the collection of...
Green light to the construction of line 7 of Metro de Santiago
Smart cities, Smart infrastructure
The project for the new line 7 of the Santiago Metro, which will cross the city from east to west, received approval for its environmental impact study. The works will begin at the end of the year ...
Afry bets on Chile for digitalization online with the 5G network
Communication infrastructure, ICT
Chile is moving towards being the first country in Latin America to have an operational 5G network that will prioritize technological applications in priority sectors such as health, education and ...