GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Vietnam, Colombia, Chile, Serbia, Norway, Japan
WEBINAR: Opportunities and challenges in the green economy

We invite you to our next sector specific webinar, where we will talk about the greeneconomy opportunities in our target markets: Chile, Colombia, Norway, Serbia, Japan and Vietnam.


Welcome and presentation of GOOSE. Mr. Johan Malin, Flanders Investment & Trade

Green economy opportunities in Chile, Colombia, Norway, Serbia, Japan and Vietnam by Mr. Oriol Martinez

“Vision from the industry: what can we offer outside Europe” by Mr. Frans Snijkers, VITO/Cleantech Flanders

Presentation on strategies and business schemes in international green procurement by a local expert (Mr. Nicolas Becquemin, Qunie Corporation)

Testimonial by Mr. Frank Pittoor, SDM Group (TBC)

and/or Testimonial by Mr. Oliver Femont, Aggeres (TBC)

GOOSE’s Tools and Services to Tender abroad, by Mrs. Merit Fimberg-Espuch, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Question and Answer


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