GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Overview of the market

  • It is the most stable country in Latin-America, with many of its public institutions regarded as efficient, corruption free, sitting them at another level in the region.​
  • However, street turmoil events of the last years have arisen some of Chile’s deep issues, such as income inequality, and the glass ceilings for part of its population, as well as the indigenous-colonizer divide.​
  • One of the side effects of the unrest of 2019 is an increase in public investments for the less affluent, including in Health, Education and Mobility.​
  • Interestingly, this opened up the current “proceso constituyente” to replace the constitution of 1980s, tainted by its military “touch”. That being said, the process is not straightforward.​
  • According to Chile being still the Latin exception, making business there demands taking into account its specific idiosyncrasy; such as that commercial relations and quality of service are above personal considerations.​
  • Although the country’s autocracy is deemed efficient, timings can be tiring, for which expectations need to be in the midterm view span, whilst partnering with local firms need to always be kept on the table.

Opportunities to explore by GOOSE
to help European SMEs: 

  • Chile parallels Colombia in its hydrothermal energy mix, and, most importantly, in its ambitious plans toward the Energy transition. Accordingly, it is developing laws to facilitate foreign investment in Energy generation from renewable sources, beyond Hydro.​
  • As in many areas, the country’s clean infrastructure is atop in the continent; the level playing field for European firms to access the local public procurement market induces GOOSE to identify those niches with the most potential. For example, energy efficiency, climate change related or the circular economy.​
  • There is also potential in the country’s powerful public companies; the three largest related to mining, especially copper (Chile is the world’s top producer). GOOSE Green economy firms can exploit this potential, such as in Clean energy, Waste treatment or Pollution measurement and control. ​
  • Following Colombia, there is life beyond the capital Santiago de Chile, with mid-size cities (e.g. Temuco, Curicó, Valdivia, Antofagasta, Viña del mar or Valparaiso) offering potential to market there Smart cities solutions from GOOSE firms., in areas such as Smart mobility or Smart government.​
  • There is growing demand for specialized services for health, including smart-health solutions. Also, as we mentioned before, the surprising revolts as of recent have pushed the government to extend the services for those with lower incomes. For example, in the Health sector the total planning to be tendered is almost 0,5 billion €. 


Public Procurement factsheet for CHILE gives you a quick overview of what you need to know when tendering in Chile. You can find it in the Library