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Panamericana Route in Chile
Smart cities, Smart mobility, Smart infrastructure
Colombia, Chile
Bootcamp Govtech for Startups willing to bid with the State
Smart cities, Green Economy, IT services, Hardware, Cybersecurity, E-identity
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Minister García announces modernization of the regional airport infrastructure
Smart cities, Smart mobility, Smart infrastructure
Among the initiatives to be tendered by the General Directorate of Concessions, the improvement of the North Airport Network, the new concession of the Araucanía Region Airport and the South Airpor...
General Director of Concessions and IDB held a workshop on desalination plants
Smart cities, Green Economy, Water related, Smart infrastructure
In the activity, experiences of specialists from Spain, Israel and Japan were learned, as well as the vision of ongoing projects in Brazil and Peru. Within the framework of the cooperation agreeme...
Minister García announces an additional investment of 500.000 USD in measures to deal with roadblocks in Santiago highways
Smart cities, Smart mobility, Smart infrastructure, Smart lighting
Among the main measures and works that are currently underway, a total of 107 new cameras with better coverage and resolution stand out; 31 monitoring and inspection signs; 27 lighting improvements...
Balkans lag behind in use of green energy, except for solar
Renewable energies
Countries worldwide added a record 295 GW of renewable electricity capacity last year, increasing the stock by 9.6%. Still, green energy expansion in most countries in the region was slower than th...
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