GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets


Ferry ticketing system
Smart cities, Smart mobility
Telemetering equipment for River Management
Water related, Smart infrastructure
Website management services related to fostering understanding of environmental revitalization projects, etc.
Environment, natural resources, Telecommunication services, IT services
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Norway: More power will destroy even more nature
Energy Efficiency
Norway has a significant power surplus and great opportunities for energy efficiency, which opens the door for emission cuts. Yet new industry, new wind farms and grid development will destroy even...
The need for improvements to northern Norwegian infrastructure has become acute
Smart infrastructure
In 2023 there were almost a thousand canceled ferry trips on the connections Kjøpsvik-Drag, Bognes-Skarberget and Bognes-Lødingen. The government will now allocate four billion kroner for the new E...
OECD new macro-economic data on Japan
Smart cities, Smart Health, Green Economy, ICT
All Goose sectors are a priority for the Japanese government: health (older population), sustainable energy and energy efficiency (wind energy just starting up,...), digitalization, green procureme...
The government promises that more trains will run
Smart mobility
The Government will prioritize measures to increase punctuality in train traffic when they present the new National Transport Plan (NTP) before Easter. It contains a promise of money for maintenanc...
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