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ECOPETROL announces its investment plan of 5 billion Euros for 2023

Ecopetrol’s Board of Directors approved the general investment plan with an amount ranging between $25.3 trillions of pesos and $29.8 trillion for the year 2023. The investment plan is intended to advance the four pillars of the 2040 strategy, as well as on the route for the energy transition in Colombia.

Regarding the energy transition, the investment will be between $5.9 trillion and $6.8 trillion in areas such as renewable self-generation, hydrogen, transmission and roads. Regarding gas self-sufficiency, the investment ranges between $3.6 trillion and $4.1 trillion. While in energy security it will be between $15.8 trillion and $18.9 trillion, it is balanced with financial sustainability to “favor the country’s trade balance”.

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