GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

GOOSE segment prioritization: Note on Opportunities for European firms in Smart health: Hospitals

Hospitals: Chile is undergoing a deep reform in its Health sector, following Gabriel Boric’s surmounting president just a year ago (Mar/2022) with a firm left wing mandate. Accordingly, the reform aims at strengthening Universal Primary care, and a better integration between Private and Public provision, towards a mixed system, in the line of those applied in Europe.

Chile’s National Investment plan continues to support the construction of new hospitals and primary healthcare centres across the country. Chile will soon reach the end of the NIP 2018-2022 which aimed to strengthen the healthcare network in the country by building and planning the construction of 75 hospitals by March 2022.-Rising hospital bed availability will improve healthcare access nationwide.

Drug makers stand to benefit from higher demand for drugs and access to previously unserved communities.

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