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7TH AVE GREEN CORRIDOR IN BOGOTA - Corredor verde por la Séptima en Bogotá

22 kilometers with 100% electric public transport run by La Rolita, the city’s public transport operator. The projection is that it manages to have 23 open eco-stations, aesthetically integrated with the urban environment, the first 100% electric mass transit portal patio, 24 kilometers of segregated cycle path with vegetation, 280,000 square meters of public space and 16 mall plazas.

According to the projected schedule, the project is expected to be awarded in October, and the contract is signed in November. It should also be noted that the construction of the Green Corridor through the seventh will be divided into three tenders. Tender one extends between 24th and 76th streets, including the branch from 72nd street to 13th race.

Bid two goes from 76th to 99th Street, including the complementary infrastructure of 85th Street and Circunvalar. And tender 3 extends from 99th and 200th streets and the portal patio, with the following sub-sections: section one from 99th street to 127th street, section two from 127th street to 183rd street and section three from 183rd street to 200, including the portal patio. Resources for a total amount of $2.5 trillion will be allocated to build the corridor.

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