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CO-T1592 : Support for Natural and Cultural Capital Projects in Barranquilla

The objective of this TC is to support the restoration and conservation of Barranquilla’s natural and cultural capital through the design of investment projects that will serve as a basis to advance an inclusive and sustainable urban and economic development strategy for the city. The specific objectives are: (i) support the restoration and conservation of highly biodiverse urban-regional ecosystems, enabling projects that recover and integrate strategic ecological areas into the urban network of public spaces, as elements of the city’s natural heritage, while generating synergies with the economic development of adjacent areas; and (ii) support the urban and economic revitalization of the Barrio Abajo cultural district, together with its surrounding neighborhoods in the city center, to facilitate economic, cultural and social exchange by enabling projects that complement existing and planned cultural infrastructure with multipurpose public spaces that are accessible, safe, inclusive and ecologically connected with high value ecosystems. This TC also seeks to carry out activities for knowledge exchange and dissemination with experts and other interested cities.

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