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Consulting Services, Preparation and Implementation of a Wastewater Project

The Consultant’s task is to support the Employer and the Project Executing Agency (the People’s Committee of Son La province) during Project preparation and implementation. The Consultant’s shall:

Conduct a thorough review of the final design prepared by the national engineering company;
Assist the Employer and national engineering company in preparing in preparing the tender documents and in implementing the tender processes so that these comply with the applicable KfW Procurement Guidelines;
Conduct regular site visits and quality checks
If required, assist the Employer in preparation and negotiation of all variations / amendments with contractors;
Assist the Employer in reporting to KfW as well as disbursement management and controlling,
Assist the Employer in monitoring of compliance with environmental and social health standards (ESHS) in compliance with World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) and the World Bank Group General and sector-specific Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines; and Validation of outputs during DLP phase.”

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