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Detailed Engineering Design - Wind Farms
For its project in Colombia GGGI is inviting eligible firms/entities to submit their proposals for following scope of work:

Jemeiwaa Kai wind park is poised to become Colombia´s largest wind farm with an installed capacity between 648 MW and 1,067 MW across five wind parks. The project is led by Jemeiwaa Ka I SAS ESP, a subsidiary of AES Colombia. Two of the five projects being developed are Apotolorru and Jotomana, with an installed capacity between 110-180 MW and 135-216 MW, respectively. Both projects share the same medium voltage connection line (MVL) that will transfer the energy from the parks to the National Interconnected System.

In order to carry out each Environmental Impact Study Jemeiaa Ka’I requires a detailed engineering design which includes both the design of the implementation of the infrastructure, as well as the description of the technical characteristics of the project. The engineering shall be sufficiently detailed to ensure the interventions to be carried out and the dimensioning of the impacts that will be generated.

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