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Digital home follow-up

The contest is for the delivery of a system for digital home follow-up and a framework agreement for technical medicine equipment connected to digital home follow-up for automatic registration of measurements.

See point 1.1.1 for a description of the participants in the contract.

The municipalities in Helsefellesskapet Østfold have, in cooperation with Østfold Hospital Trust, an ongoing project under the aegis of the National Welfare Technology Programme for spreading digital home follow-up in the region. This project involves the hospital, GPs, and number of municipalities in the region. As a prerequisite for further service developments, we are now ready to procure a system for digital home follow-up.

Such a system consists of • A follow-up system for administration and use by health personnel • An app for use by patients that will receive follow-up • Medical measuring equipment that can be used to take simple measurements at home (framework agreement).

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