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Educational software development services

NRK would like to procure a digital learning platform to support the organization’s work on competence development. The platform must be a well-tested and well-documented SaaS system with functionality that allows the design, distribution, implementation, and follow-up of digital learning content, without a need for additional tools. It must be a user friendly and modern system that is experienced as simple and fun to use, both for employees, managers, those who will develop content, and for those who will administer it. It must have a user friendly native app for mobiles and an equivalent user friendly desktop version. It must be possible to integrate the platform with NRK’s personal data system Unit4 ERP (UBW) and Azure Single Sign On.

NRK does not currently have a digital learning platform, so there will be no need for migration from a previous system. What will be required will be uploading video content that is currently distributed via our intranet.

It is important for NRK that the system follows developments in NRK and the market in general and that we work actively so we always have an optimised system.

The central business goals for the procurement are:

– Implement a joint digital learning platform for all of NRK.

– Facilitate simplified and efficient work processes connected to competence development.

– Facilitate user-friendliness for those who will use the system, intuitively and self-explanatory.

– See to the entity’s personal protection obligations.

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