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Electronic health records

The Asker and Bærum out-of-hours medical service currently uses an electrinic health records (EHR) system delivered by SystemX. The current contract expires 31.12.2023. The purpose of the procurement is to procure a new health records system with associated services for the out-of-hours medical service in order to ensure responsible and statutory documentation at patient visits.

The new system must be comprehensive and cover the out-of-hours medical service’s combined needs for patient management and workflow throughout the patient visit. This includes, among other things, registration, priority assessment, documentation, patient transfer and logistics, sample collection and invoicing. The contracting authority would like to ensure comprehensive services, where it is preferable for the tenderer to contribute to the facilitation of comprehensive patient management and better interaction, while minimising manual routines, e.g. new EHR solution (and possibly other available services in the product portfolio).

The contracting authority would like to procure a cloud-based system, but at the present time would like the tenderer to offer the system that best fulfils the functional requirements and other requirements in the requirement specifications, regardless of whether the system is based on a local installation or a cloud system. However, in the long term, during the contract period, it is desirable to consider moving to a cloud-based and standardised system.

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