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Infrastructure for remote-read water meters

Trondheim Municipality would like to raise the quality of the invoicing basis for water consumption charges through the use of a remote water meter reading system. We must therefore have a system for automatic collection of remote-read water meter data. The purpose is to streamline the preparation of the basis for invoicing, including reducing error sources, increasing response rates and minimising manual processing for both subscribers and case managers in the municipality. We would like to offer residents an invoice that is more fair and easy to understand, and to have the opportunity to notify residents in case of suspected leakage.

Trondheim Municipality has made a political decision to introduce remote-read water meters. We currently have approx. 60,000 water meters assembled, and in order to ensure good management, they are replaced every 10 years. This gives a rate of approx. 6000 a year, plus any new installations. Trondheim Municipality is currently looking at whether this rate can be doubled with the help of investment resources, but the decision on this will not be made until after the procurement process has started. Note therefore that the limit for the number of water meters that are installed can be less than what is stated in the procurement.

Trondheim Municipality would like to use data from a remote water metre reading system to monitor the status of the municipal water network in order to streamline leak detection, among other things.

Trondheim Municipality if responsible for managing and further developing the municipal water and sewage facilities, and currently uses an array of operations data for analysis and reporting. The current data basis contains multiple sources of errors that we wish to reduce. For example, production water or other larger intended drains can create noise in the analysis basis. Trondheim Municipality therefore wants to use data from a remote water metre reading system as input for municipal engineering analyses.

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