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Innovation partnership: local production of dried blood plasma for delivery to Bergen Hospital Trust

Norway has a sufficient number of blood donors to be self-sufficient in blood plasma, and the blood banks have the infrastructure needed to be able to carry out this work. Self-production of dried blood plasma is not challenging as regards premises or resource-demanding as regards time or personnel, but there is a lack of the technology required for the production of dried blood plasma in the blood banks. In order to ensure access to and to be self-sufficient with dried blood plasma, Bergen Hospital Trust would like to establish technology for self-production of dried blood plasmas in blood banks.

The goal is to cover demand and ensure good preparedness of dried blood plasma at all hospitals, in the municipal health service, in the ambulance service, for military operations, and rescue services in Norway.

The goal will be achieved by developing a technological platform in collaboration with commercial partners for local production of dried blood plasma adapted to Norwegian conditions and the organisation of the blood bank service.

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