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IT consultancy services - digital public sector

The contract will cover the contracting authority’s need for services within ICT strategic consultancy services. The contracting authority will enter into parallel framework agreements with up to five tenderers, provided that there are a sufficient number of suitable tenders.

The sub-area covers general strategic consultancy services in accordance with orders placed by the contracting authority. This covers giving advice and recommendations on the possibilities that lie in new technologies and innovation, data driven insight, systems, and the digitalisation of services (digital transformation). It will be important to look at the totality of the systems connected to functional, technical, and user conditions.

On a general strategic level, the need will be, for example, connected to the realisation of the government’s and KS’ joint digitalisation strategy for the public sector, ‘A Digital Public Sector’, in order to ensure that the municipalities in Agder also contribute to the joint challenge and the goal and areas of priority that are established through the strategy as regards connected services, joint eco-system, joint government/municipal work with life events, national joint components, KS FIKS platform, etc. ‘A Digital Public Sector’ challenges, amongst others, existing sector and entity strategies, liability connected to the services, steering and delivery models, management models, and sourcing strategies. There will therefore be a need for competence and knowledge of this public eco-system in order to work with the municipal challenges connected to this uniformity.

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