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Japan - Cerebrovascular and tumor diagnosis and treatment System for a Japanese University

Kagawa University in Miki (Kagawa prefecture, Japan) is requesting submission of materials for a cerebrovascular and tumor diagnosis and treatment system with the aim of procuring such a system.

The system must

  1. Be able to acquire angiographic X-ray images and perform interventions;
  2. Have the function of creating surgical support images for cerebrovascular and brain tumors and evaluating cerebral blood flow;
  3. Be able to be used for securing blood vessels and for non-vascular IVR;
  4. Have a device to inject an X-ray contrast medium into the blood vessel;
  5. Have a function to acquire the status of the patient undergoing examination / treatment and biometric information;
  6. Have the function of being able to observe in detail from the inside of the blood vessel when performing intervention.

Companies are invited to send their proposals to Kagawa University (contact data : see below). Deadline is 4 April 2022 at 17:00 Japanese time.

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