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Japan - Satellite Intelligence Analysis System for National Public Safety Commission Japan – Notice of request for submission of materials

The National Public Safety Commission (National Police Agency) – Tokyo (Tokyo Prefecture, Japan) is requesting submission of materials for a Satellite Intelligence Analysis System with the aim of renting such a system from fiscal year December 2023. This system will analyze high-resolution satellite images taken by artificial satellites orbiting the earth, extract necessary information, and accumulate, manage, and search information by constructing a database.

The scope of procurement related to the introduction of this system is the lease, construction, installation, testing and maintenance of equipment, etc., and the development, introduction, testing and maintenance of programs for this system. The documentation below was requested. Even if the requirements are not met, more rational and economical proposals are welcome as well. The deadline for submitting material is the 2nd of March 2022, 17:00 Japanese time.

(1) Materials related to the configuration, structure, functions, performance, etc. of each device required to build a system.

(2) Materials related to various software.

(3) Materials that propose the addition of advanced functions.

(4) Materials related to maintenance and operation.

More information on the requirements and specifications for the system, please go to the search engine of the Public Procurement Portal of Japan (Chotatsu Portal) and fill out the tender number at the bottom of the page, under “Procurement No.”. Tender number is 303956.

The details of the tender (only Japanese) can also be obtained from the Tokyo Office of Flanders Investment & Trade (e-mail:">”>

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