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Japan - Three-dimensional and nano-scale multi-imaging system for a Japanese University

Yokohama National University in Yokohama (Kanagawa prefecture, Japan) is requesting submission of materials for a Three-dimensional and nano-scale multi-imaging system, equipped with automatic-operation and remote-control functions, with the aim of procuring such a system.

Requirements for the system are as follows

  1. The main body is a composite device of a focused ion beam processing device and a scanning electron microscope.
  2. A laser processing unit, energy dispersive X-ray analyzer, electron backscatter diffraction device, and nano indenter device need to be equipped
  3. The main body and ancillary equipment can be operated directly or remotely, and must be automated.
  4. The system must have the ability to quantitatively analyze nano-level and three-dimensional material information.
  5. Quick and stable maintenance of this system of the system must be guaranteed

More information can be received from the below contact until the 1st of April 2022. An explanatory meeting will be held on the 8th of March 2022 at the premises of Yokohama National University. Companies are invited to send their proposals to Yokohama National University, also to the below contact, by the 1st of April 2022, 17:00 Japanese time.

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