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Løsningsarkitekt ny IKT-plattform/ Solution architect new ICT platform

Google translation (unedited):

The Government has decided that a joint ICT service will be established for the ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the foreign service missions. It has been decided that the underlying trade union Norad will not follow the ministry over to a new joint ministry ICT platform or use the new joint ICT service.
The change means that Norad must establish its own ICT platform, acquire new supplier (s) of ICT services and study and establish its own internal roles in order to manage its own ICT services. Technically, the services in the joint MS 365 tenant will be re-established in a separate tenant only for Norad. In addition, there will be solutions for the services Norad currently uses on the on-premise part of the Foreign Ministry’s platform. It has been decided that a project will be established for this work and Norad now needs an experienced solution architect to play an important role in this work. “

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