GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Market information: Sea industry service and sea wind

Eksfin has a lot of exposure to the energy market. Offshore oil and gas has been the dominant sector for a long time. Shipping, cruise, and fishing are also important sectors within Eksfin’s portfolio. Eksfin’s exposure is changing and there is now an increase within renewable energy and the related market segment. Eksfin requires market information within these sectors. Eksfin primarily requires a subscription service with access to global market intelligence within the oil and gas area to sea and the sea wind area, and important macro drivers within the total energy market, with particular focus on the green change. Eksfin also requires a subscription service with access to global market information within shipping, and is positive to market information that can be given on cruises as well as fishing sectors. This information will be the main source for Eksfin’s own analyses and benchmarking analysis.

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