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METRO 80 MEDELLIN - (Se abre licitación Metro 80 Medellín)

In the first place, the payment scheme for the winning contractors will be by operational functional units, which means that payment will only be made with the execution of all those units, 176. This will allow the successful bidders to concentrate efforts in specific areas, without needing to open many fronts.
With the presentation of the final specifications, the participating companies will have three months to send the proposal in a sealed envelope, while Metro de la 80 will have one month to
make the qualification of the bidders.

The final amount of the contract to be executed will be 375 MEURO (aprox) with a term of five years from the definition of the contractor.

Also, the winning consortium must prove financial capacity (because advances will not be made), 50 kilometers of construction of bidirectional trains anywhere in the world and at least 10 works developed in Colombia.

The winer will be in charge of the construction of the 13 kilometers and 17 stations along the route, as well as the installation of the railway systems.

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