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Project Plan for Ho Chi Minh City/Tư vấn lập đồ án Quy hoạch TP Hồ Chí Minh
Bidding Notice IB2200007432
Changed version
Published date 05/10/2022 11:55

General Information of Procurement Plan

Procurement Plan Number 20220914493
Procurement Plan Type Regular Type
Procurement Plan Title Contractor Selection Plan for Ho Chi Minh City project plan to 2040, vision to 2060

Bidding Information

Bidding Number BP2200096850
Bidding Party HCMC Department of Planning and Architecture
Bidding package Project Plan for Ho Chi Minh City
Budget Regular expenses budget
Type Consultancy
Contractor Selection Process Open Bidding
Type of Contract All in one
Domestic/International Domestic
Contractor Selection Method One stage – 02 envelops
Contract duration 12 months

How to Bid:

Bidding Form Online
Issuing e-bidding documents
Fee for submitting e-bidding documents 330,000 VND
Receiving bidding document
Location of services to be Ho Chi Minh city

Bidding Information

Bid opening/closing time 04/11/2022 14:00
Bid opening location
Bid validation 180

Approval Decision

Approval Decision Number Approver Date Attachment
175/QĐ-SQHKT HCMC Department of Planning and Architecture 4/10/2022 1664876496315640.pdf

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