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System for welcoming and saying farewell to employees (onboarding) HMN

Helse Midt Norge with its health trusts needs a general and consistent system for welcoming and saying farewell to its employees, with the aim of increasing satisfaction and contributing to attracting/recruiting, and taking care of employees in the start-up and end phase.


– Let new employees become familiar with the workplace, values, visions, complete courses, get practical information, etc., before they start and through a defined period after they are recruited.

– Ensure consistent and equal information to all new employees from the signed employment contract until after the trial period has expired.

– Enable new employees to be part of production sooner.

– A system that is also for the follow-up of employees that move from one department to another. So-called internal recruitment.

– A system that will see to the follow-up of new managers and courses for them.

-Able to manage farewells for employees.

– The system must have functionality for feedback and reporting.

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