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Technical Assistance for the contract ’’Implementation of Automated Import System (AIS), Automated Export System (AES) and Customs Decision System (CDS)“

Service contract is designed with the aim to provide the CAS with technical supervision of the implementation of the contract for the development and implementation of software. The overall objective of the project is to continue the process of modernisation of the Customs administration, which will provide access to the common computerised customs systems, as well high-quality services to citizens and business entities following the EU accession process of the Republic of Serbia towards jointing the EU. The specific objectives of this contract are: to provide project management and quality assurance support to CAS for the implementation of AIS, AES and CDS, to contribute to strengthened CAS capacity in drafting the necessary changes in the legislation, instructions and guidelines and to support the CAS IT team in the deployment of new architecture in the Customs Administration of Republic of Serbia.

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