GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Webinar: Public Procurement in Vietnam – challenges and opportunities

This year we bring you a series of webinars to take a closer look at the public procurement opportunities and peculiarities in our target countries. In the webinar, we focused on the Vietnamese market


  • Welcome and introduction to Goose by Mr. Victor MERCE, Accío
  • Welcome by Mrs. Eve Devoldere, Economic Representative from Flanders Investment & Trade Hanoi
    Support for European tender participation in Vietnam
  • “Public Procurement in Vietnam – Engagement of private sector and SMEs” by Ms. Bui Bich Phuong, EY Vietnam (other attendants: Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang, Mr. Nguyen Viet Long)
  • Testimonial by Mr. Patrick Swartenbroeckx of Hydroscan
  • Testimonial by Mr. Ides Bauwens of Nazca Maps
  • Tips on how to successfully participate in public procurements and write bids, by Mrs. Merit Fimberg-Espuch, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • GOOSE’s Tools and Services to Tender abroad, by Mr. Oriol Martinez, ACCIÓ’s HQ in Barcelona
  • Question and Answer

8th of June at 10.00