GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Market Intelligence

Experience streamlined market intelligence with our service. Access exclusive in-depth country and sector information on our website. Benefit from customized fact sheets and Tender Tracking feature with real-time alerts on upcoming opportunities. Plus, keep abreast with the latest sector and country-specific news. All these premium services are available upon registration. Explore informed decision making with us today!

Market access

GOOSE streamlines market access for European SMEs in international public projects. Our initiatives include Meet-the-partner events, business missions to Serbia, Colombia, and Norway, plus the highly anticipated Smart Cities Challenges 2023. Successful missions have led to numerous business meetings and leads for participating companies. Future plans include missions to Vietnam, Japan, and Chile in 2024. Additionally, GOOSE offers bespoke follow-up services, including market analysis, contact agendas, partner search, and assistance in tender bidding. Register today and unlock global opportunities!


Balance Scorecard is a tool that will help SMEs to determine their readiness to internationalize in the public markets. The scorecard is a simple tool that will allow you to anticipate your readiness to tender abroad. This will also allow you to assess whether to bid/not to bid and determine if a specific tender is worth bidding to or not.