GOOSE is a COSME (EU) funded project exploring public procurement opportunities in 6 non-EU markets

Webinar: How to reach international tenders? Introduction of the GOOSE project

Cross-border tendering is a challenge, arguably, even within the EU’s single market. With the aim to increase intra-EU bidding, Brussels has pushed for a mix of tools and legislation, that, not effortlessly, have been lowering the barriers faced by firms, especially SMEs. Most recently, the EU’s trade deals are including public procurement chapters, thus putting the stakes higher, this time to liberalize procurement markets beyond the EU borders. The opportunities for SMEs are, understandably, huge, as well as the challenges.

From the SMEs side, what to make of it? GOOSE is the answer, or part of it. It is a EU funded project that will be offering tools and specialized services to access procurement opportunities. It will be proactively targeting 6 markets (Chile, Colombia, Norway, Serbia, Vietnam and Japan) in 4 broad sectors (Green economy, Smart health, ICT and Smart cities), aiming at helping European firms to contest them successfully. GOOSE will also report the European Commission on the main findings of the Project during the period Jun/2021-Jun/2024.

The session will briefly explain how we plan to collaborate with European firms. It will also include a training to help SMEs focus their internationalization strategy to tender abroad. Finally, the session will propose 4 round tables corresponding to the 4 targeted sectors, in which we expect an stimulating exchange of experiences and expectations from firms/institutions, also to find better ways to access foreign procurement markets.

25th November 2021 at 10.30 AM to 1 PM on Zoom




Goose project introduction, sectors and countries

The challenge of tendering abroad
Dermot Cahill’, Gary Clifford 
International consultants on Law and Public Procurement


10.30GOOSE introduction
Victor Mercè, Oriol Martínez 
10.45First part
The challenge of tendering abroad

Dermot Cahill’, Gary Clifford 
International consultants on Law and Public Procurement
11.45Coffee break
11.55Second part
4 sector rooms: Green economy; Smart Health; Smart cities; ICT

Each partner leading one room: ACCIÓ, FIT, CCIS, ECCI
Moderators: Dermot Cahill’, Gary Clifford​
12.40Final wrap up
Dermot Cahill’, Gary Clifford
13.00End of the webinar



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